Fur You: A Conversation With Shane of @dermatologram

May we go deeper and discover the ingrowns of our stories.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that it’s up to me. If it’s my life, then nobody gonna tell me how to live it. They can’t see the way I see it through my eyes.
— Tinashe Kachingwe, Shane of @dermatologram's favourite quote at the moment.
Photo Credit:  @ kokobeaute

Photo Credit: @kokobeaute

Enjoying his iced oat milk latte with AirPod’s in— or should I now say Bose’s in, blasting Nicki while walking the streets of New York, Shane, founder of @dermatologram, continuously basks in all things dew, kindness and love, in and out of his beautiful universe.

This is Fur You, a two part series sponsored by Fur, where I have the privilege to introduce you to two very important people close to me and share their beautiful shots, from wellness to music, and well, what fur really means to them.

Shane is a dear friend to me, one that I connect with on different wavelengths I could’ve never imagined, but here we are. A true friendship knows no distance, despite ours. I wanted to go deeper and discover the ingrowns of his story, so, I did.

All quoted lines are by Shane.

“I’m 23, living in NYC, and currently a marketer in the beauty industry. I find marketing interesting, but my happiest moments in my job are always when I’m overseeing content creation.”

Photo Credit:  @dermatologram

Photo Credit: @dermatologram

Wellness is wellness. What does wellness mean to you?

“To me, overall wellness includes wellness of the mind, body, and soul. I can eat all of the healthy food I want, and go to the gym 7 days a week, but if I am not taking care of my mind + mentality, then I wouldn’t consider myself “well” overall.”

Body, baby. Tell me what it means to you. How do you take care of it?

“Taking care of my body means getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night (although I prefer 9-10), hydrating regularly throughout the day, stretching, and limiting my coffee intake.”

How do you wish to break barriers and stigmas about body hair?

“I just want everyone to mind their own business when it comes to body hair. As long as we’re all practicing safe methods of hair removal, I really think that someone else’s body hair is nobody's business but their own, period. If you think otherwise please see a therapist.”

We often hear “boys in beauty.” What does that mean to you?

“I guess to me, “boys in beauty” just means the small % of men that contribute to the beauty community. I’m honored to be one!”

Ohhhh, Fur. Talk to me about your fave.

“My favourite Fur product is the Fur Oil! I love using it on my neck after shaving, or on my pubic area when I trim. It helps relieve + prevent the post-shave irritation I usually experience!”

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Your 10 year-old self is listening. What are you telling him?

“I used to want to be hairy so badly, haha. So I guess I would tell him, “Relax. Not being super hairy isn’t necessarily going to be a bad thing when you’re older.”

Photo Credit:  @dermatologram

Photo Credit: @dermatologram

If you could shout one thing to the rooftops, what would it be?

“Can mercury get the f*** out of retrograde already. A bitch is going through it.”

Photo Credit:  @dermatologram

Photo Credit: @dermatologram

Love you for all of you, love you for all you do and all you are. Fur you, forever.

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