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It all simply comes down to this, that earrings have no size and I find the most comfort in them. The way they twinkle, the way they align and turn into my own universe. A mix of shapes, sizes, glimmer and stories that only their shine will tell.

And I’ll never have to second guess an earring, for it has no constraints.


With 18 piercings later, I don’t expect myself to do any less. I’m a little impulsive with my piercings and I love that I am. Why conform to “Oh, just wait a little and think about it?” I mean, the future doesn’t exist. Instant gratification for me is awesome in a way, especially with piercings. It’s all temporary, anyway. Why not have fun with it?

The one question I get the most is “Do you really change out your earrings every day?” In fact, I do. I find it exciting to wake up every morning and choose what story I want to tell. Something bold, subtle or anything in between. I love the abstraction of styling earrings, because there really are no rules.

My earring and jewelry styling has definitely evolved throughout the years. In high school, I was infamously known for wearing feathered earrings, chunky connected chains and drooling over the fact that I had a cartilage piercing at the age of 12.

Check out my earring styling video here on my IGTV.

The Breakdown

I only started investing in high quality jewelry a little over two years ago. After getting my first Mejuri piece, there was no going back. My first addition were the Gold Vermeil Editor Hoops that they kindly gifted to me. Their form, weight and shape are absolute perfection and can be styled with anything. Earrings are my favourite accessory.

Here are my most frequently asked questions when it comes to my earrings:

How many piercings do you have?

17 ear piercings and a nose piercing which has unfortunately closed.

Left ear: Rook, cartilage, five continuous lobe piercings and an anti-tragus. I unfortunately had to take out my anti-tragus piercing only two days after I got it pierced for how much pain it caused me. The pain went down to my neck and I would cry constantly. Sickest spot and look, but the pain level was unbearable.

Right ear: Upper and lower forward helix, two cartilage studs, four continuous lobe piercings and a daith piercing which unfortunately closed after I lost the earring by playing with it. (0/10 - would not recommend playing with your jewelry!)


Do your piercings hurt?

Well, they hurt more than my tattoos and my tattoos don’t hurt at all. The most painful spots for me were the anti-tragus, daith and the highest lobe piercing on my right ear. It’s more the initial pain than post piercing. Sleeping on them only hurts if I put pressure, which I try not to. Side note: I’ve only had healing issues with one cartilage and one upper lobe because I kept playing with it. They were irritated lead to keloid scarring (the little bump that looks red and puffy) but with the proper cleansing and care, they healed back to normal. Thankfully my piercing shop carries a solution to get rid of keloid scarring and it works so well. Don’t neglect the healing process! Side note: Always get your piercings done at a trusted piercing / tattoo shop with a needle. Cleanliness is so important!

What’s your favourite piercing spot and do you want more?

My favourite spot at the moment is probably my two forward helix piercings. They look beautiful together! And of course I want more. I want to get a few more all aligned over my lobe to my cartilage.

What quality do you invest in and why?

My go to is always 925 Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil and Solid Yellow Gold.

I choose to invest in my jewelry for the solemn reason that it’s just worth it. I cherish my pieces and want them to last forever. Investing in quality pieces assures no tarnishing and long-lasting pieces to mix and match with anything. My skin isn’t as acidic as it used to be, so nothing has tarnished on me in years either. It’s really all in the quality, honestly.

I also invest in my jewelry because I have fun with it. Earrings bring me joy and styling them daily gives me something to look forward to. I choose what story to tell. I don’t have to think, “will it fit me today?” Jewelry has no size.

Quick guide to caring for your jewels:

Mejuri has a really short and thorough care guide for a variety of materials here.

I store my jewelry in a tray. I purchased mine here from Amazon.

What are your favourite places to shop for earrings?

Mejuri is my favourite. I’m an ambassador for Mejuri! By clicking this link, you can get 10% off shopping with me. Thank you for continuously supporting me.

Adina’s Jewels - The New Icon (15% off with DESSEY15) - Thomas Sabo - LUV AJ (My beautiful friend Christina from Beauté Défilé introduced me to LUV AJ and I’m obsessed. She is my muse!)

Other cute places that carry the cutest gems:

Cadette - The Last Line - Maison Miru - Astrid & Miyu - Adornmonde - Deux Lions - The M Jewelers

Mejuri is my favour because of the unique designs, company history and values, affordability and customer care. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions on Mejuri!


Where do you get your inspiration from when styling your pieces?

I get inspired by constellations, abstraction and mixing different shapes, lengths weights of earrings.

Silver or gold?

I’ve always been a silver gal, but mixing both together is my new favourite.

I’m looking to invest in a few earrings to start. What do you recommend?

STACK THAT. A classic pair of hoops, huggies and studs. But not the basic ones, at least for me. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Remember, there are no rules. Hook earrings onto each other, unclip and let them dangle and stack them to the sky. Cuffs are also the perfect addition to any ear look. Mejuri has the cutest ones!


What’s on my wish list? Click each earring name to discover them!

Mejuri Bold Hoops - Mejuri Sapphire Twin Hoops - Mejuri Diamond Line Hoops - Adina’s Rainbow Huggies 14KT - Adina’s CZ Chain Connected Pave Huggie Earring in Multi-Color - Thomas Sabo Royalty Star & Moon Earrings - Thomas Sabo Iconic Earrings - LUV AJ Over-The-Lobe Evil Eye Studs Gold - LUV AJ Evil Eye Padlock Earrings Silver - LUV AJ Mini Pave Star Hoops Silver - Cadette Calypso Earrings - LUV AJ Pave Star Ear Cuff Silver - LUV AJ Pave Amalfi Hoops Silver - LUV AJ Baby Palve Amalfi Hoops Silver

And here we are. After all the requests to do a post about my earring collection and all the juicy deets, I hope this suffices. Feel free to leave any comments, questions and recommendations in the comments below or on my Instagram!

Follow your art.

Disclaimer: Some of the earrings were gifted to me from Mejuri, The New Icon, Maison Miru and Deux Lions. Shopping through my Mejuri link, I make a small commission. Thank you for thinking of me!