5 Ways To Use Fur Oil

This one’s for you, you and you.


In today’s sponsored post, I’ll be reviewing the deeply loved Fur Oil, a silky blend of oils mixed into one to help soothe, treat and soften pubic and body hair. It also clears pores for fewer ingrown and healthy, nourished skin. Really, anywhere.

As a fond lover of the line in general, I love and value Fur’s mission and beliefs to encompass inclusivity in the beauty industry and embrace all unique parts of our minds, bodies and souls, pubic hair included.

Today, we’re talking all things Fur Oil and my 5 favourite ways to use it. Keep an eye out for my full brand review to come!

Fur Oil claims: Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested. Free of phthalates, parabens, silicones, and artificial colors or fragrance. Gluten free and vegan.

Suited for: All skin types.

Fur Oil

What is it: A lightweight oil for pubic / body hair.

What it does: Fur Oil is designed to soothe and soften pubic and body hair while clearing pores to prevent ingrown hairs.

Key ingredients:

Grape Seed Oil as a vitamin E, D and C complex that’ll hydrate and nourish the skin, absorb quickly without leaving a greasy residue.

Jojoba Oil that has moisturizing properties to soften the hair and skin.

Clary Sage Oil as an antibacterial essential oil and astringent to soothe redness alongside any post-shaving or waxing irritations.
Tea Tree Oil as a powerful antimicrobial essential oil that eliminates excess sebum in the pores which helps prevent ingrown, bumps and allows the skin to heal quickly.

View the full ingredient list here.

Texture and scent: This oil feels like the thickness of olive oil but less greasy. It smells subtly divine with notes of lemon, grape seed oil and mint.

How to use: Fur recommends to use the oil wherever hair meets skin. View their full recommended use tips here.


  1. Post shaving / waxing.
    This is my number one favourite way to use Fur Oil. For my preference, I shave my legs and underarms and get my bikini waxed. (It’s just so much easier and takes up less time!) In general, I don’t have a lot of body hair. Ever since I started taking care of it, I’ve always made sure to moisturize post-shave or wax to ensure healthy and nourished skin. Using Fur Oil right after has helped tremendously, especially to soothe any present or potential irritations. I also love using it to condition hair until my next shave or wax appointment. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth, soothed and soft.

  2. As a body oil + mixer.
    As someone who takes body care very seriously, I always condition my body with creams and oils after a shower. Using Fur Oil alone or mixed with a body creamed lathered all over me? A dream.

  3. Brow conditioner.
    Quick and easy: Use Fur Oil to condition your brows. It’s packed with so many nutritious ingredients that’ll help soften hair, everywhere.

  4. Body spot treatment.
    Use on any areas on the body that need extra care, including irritations, dry patches, itches, burns or anywhere you think needs it.

  5. As an overall skin treatment.
    I can’t begin to tell you how Fur Oil has helped soothe and brighten darker areas of my skin, including underarms and between my thighs. It’s so comforting knowing there’s a product out there to help heal something I’m insecure about.

My experience: A never ending one.

I can’t even keep track how many full size and mini size bottles of Fur Oil I’ve finished to this date. Or have in my collection at the moment. Fur Oil is one of my favourite wellness and skin products I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying and continuously use in my day to day. It allows for a pleasant experience in my routine, not only on my hair but on my overall mindset of how I choose to take care of it. I’d recommend this to everyone and anyone, at anytime, morning, evening, in the bathroom, bedroom or anywhere in between.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Details: USD $28.00 for 14 mL or USD $46.00 for 75mL | Available on furyou.com

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Fur. All products were gifted by Fur with no strings attached.