Review: Bubblewrap Lip + Eye Cream by Glossier

I’m so excited to finally share my thought’s on Glossier’s latest skincare launch, Bubblewrap, a lip + eye plumping cream.


Healthy skin is healthy skin at any age.

Now, I normally couldn’t care less about eye creams because frankly, I don’t think they’re all that necessary. Depending on their formulations and key / active ingredients, some can be really effective. I, for one, think most are marketed to reel you in. The only “anti-aging” product you should want is preventative skincare from early on, accompanied with SPF. Also, how odd is the term “anti-aging?” It’s almost as if growing into your skin is frowned upon. And it should never be. Look for products with ingredients to help promote collagen and contain smoothing properties rather than “anti-wrinkle miracle workers.” 90% of the time, you’re investing in marketing over the product itself, with these expensive jars of nothing. On the other hand, with Glossier’s latest launch, I feel the complete opposite. I’m so glad I tried it, and I’m here to tell you why.

Pro tip: Always make sure to be gentle around your undereye area. You don’t want to be applying your face cream upwards towards your undereyes! That can cause milia, which are those little white bumps you find under your eyes. Face creams can be heavy, thick and potent which are too sensitive for such a fragile area.

Bubblewrap Claims: Hypoallergenic, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, safe for contact lens wearers, safe for sensitive eyes, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan.

Bubblewrap Lip + Eye Cream

What is it: An eye + lip plumping cream.

What it does: Bubblewrap claims that it’s specifically formulated to hydrate, moisturize and protect two very delicate and fragile areas, the lips and eyes. A “handle with care” type of treatment. The end goal is to have the undereyes and lips appear smooth, fresh and hydrated, “today and over time.”

Key ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid Group: Hydrolyzed HA and Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer boost hydration for visibly plump skin.

Peptide Complex and Portulaca Pilosa Extract to increase the skin’s ability to hold water while promoting softness. PPE is part of the plantae kingdom with plumping properties.

Avocado Oil and Squalane to supply the skin with intense moisture. (Two of my favourite oils!)

Swertia Chirata Extract is extracted from a medical herb commonly found in the Himalayas which increases the skin’s smoothness, accompanied with Vegetable Protein for a smooth-skin look.

Blueberry Fruit Extract as a superfruit rich in antioxidants.

Keep note that this cream does contain silicones if you’re sensitive to them. I personally don’t mind.

Texture and scent: As Glossier describes, Bubblewrap’s texture is unique and featherweight, which is so accurate. “Light-as-silk, water-in-oil emulsion.” It’s so lightweight and feels like a gel cream. It feels like a gel but in such a silky, smooth, beautiful way. It’s definitely unique. It’s not heavy at all, and has a “cushion-y” feel to it. There’s no present fragrance which I’m happy about.


How to use: Glossier recommends using this cream morning and night, one pump for eyes and one pump for lips. (Always remember to use your ring finger to apply!)

View full recommended use details here.

My experience:

I look forward to using this after and before every sleep. This eye and lip hybrid is beautiful, and not only does it sit well on my shelf, but my skin, too.


Bubblewrap sinks into the skin so quickly without leaving the skin thirsty for more. You know that feeling when your skin sinks up a product and it just feels… dry? Yeah, furthest thing from that. Especially on the undereye area, it feels so moisturized, plumped and silky. And guess what? That feeling lasts throughout the whole day. I love how unique the formula is. It’s refreshing. I’ve actually noticed a significant difference in the overall health and nourishment of my undereye area. It feels more bouncy, even and toned. Tapping one and a half pumps onto my ring finger, I love to massage the cream around my orbital bones and around my eyes in gentle circular motions and around my brow bone. I learned this technique when performing facials in esthetics school! It also sits great under concealer. Everything looks so lush and hydrated.


It’s a kiss from me!

I usually don’t like the wax sheen a typical balm leaves me with. Bubblewrap on the lips almost feels like a serum or treatment with how quickly it sinks into my lips and how luscious they look after. I’ll replace a balm with this at anytime. This is also the first time I’m trying a “lip cream” and it’s just so yummy and buttery.

Overall thoughts: I’m beyond impressed with this hybrid of a product and will definitely be repurchasing it. It’s definitely a top skincare discovery of mine this year, and I definitely foresee it being a staple in my routine. I guess I’m so for this because of how they market it and how it’s more of a treatment rather than some “anti-aging” nonsense. To me, Bubblewrap is meant to treat and protect. Why I love it in short: It’s silky and distributes moisture in all the right places. A shield. It’s gentle. It’s adorable. It’s a yes. Also, I mean… the name. And packaging. Come on. Super cute, super clinical-vibes with the design, travel friendly and dispenses just the right amount.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Details: C$30.00 / USD $26.00 for 0.74 fl oz / 22 mL | Available on

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