Skin Poetry_cover.jpg

I'm really happy I did it.

Thank you for nurturing me, for helping me heal through heartache, for making sure I was cleansed after my car accidents and for being the one consistent thing in my life, before I sleep and dream at night. Thank you for adding to my days, making my soul glow on even my brightest days, for making me feel like an infant playing with bubbles and for rejoicing with me in supplies of theatrical sunshine.

Only I will ever know the depths of which cleansing heals my soul, and only I will ever feel the tenderness that you leave me with.

I live through the purity of knowing I have the ability and power to devour and indulge in self-care, which to me, is skincare. And it is with absolute pleasure to express that discovering the phenomenal world of skincare has completely and utterly changed the way I appreciate and love my life. 

Here’s to that one time I cried over embracing a new oil cleanser, to each can of Egg Mousse Soap, to every smile and epiphany that has occurred while drying my face clean, to snail mucin and to Korean beauty… 

Even at 3:00 AM, I’ll do you so good.